Sahyog Schemes

Sahyog vehicle Loan

Loan Amount Maximum Rs. 70000/- or 70% of vehicle cost w.e. is higher
Tenure Maximum 18 Months

1. Person should be member of the society.

2. Borrower of the loan must have recurring deposit account for at least 1% of loan amount.

Guarantor Guarantor should be member of society , he must be government employee or another member of the society who should have at least deposit in the employee equal to 25 % of loan amount ,on which lien of society will be marked till the deposit of the borrower is equal to 25 % of loan amount or till maturity of loan tenure.
Mode of Repayment PDC/NPDC in case of NPDC Rs 2000 will be charged as NPDC charges.


Rate of interest 14% per annum
Penalty Clause At maturity of the loan tenure if all the dues / penalty / interest / principal is not paid those will attract interest @2% p.m. flat for each month or part there of
Charges Structure Delay Payment

Delay payment will be charged at 2% per month for the amount due

Cheque Bounce Charges

Rs 500 per bounce

Cheque swap charges

Rs 1000 per swap

NPDC Charges

Rs 2,000

Visit charges of delayed emi cases

Within city, Rs. 75 (per visit)
Outside city, Rs. 150 (per visit)

Visit charges of regular cases Society if it thinks fit can charge collection charges for regular cases whose collection was done by society officer by visiting the customer place , but the same can not exceed rs 50 per collection
Fore Closure Charges The society will charge 5% of the principal loan amount outstanding for prepayment or foreclosure of loan account. 
Insurance Borrower Borrower will be insured , for which the premium will be paid by borrower only.
Vehicle Two wheeler will be insured through society , whose premium will be paid by borrower.
Following documents are required for witness:

Photographs of the borrowers and guarantors

Stamp papers of rs. 100/- (one hundred only) : Borrower

Stamp papers of rs. 20/- (twenty only) : Guarantor

Identity proof of the borrower and guarantor. insurance copy of the vehicle. registration copy of the vehicle. in case of vehicle loan

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The society will not interfere in the business of the borrower.
  2. The society has the right to reject any loan application. 
  3. Difference between the loan amount and vehicle cost along with processing fees should be deposited before disbursal of loan amount.
  4. Two wheeler will be hypothecated with society till full payment of loan and interest penalty thereupon.
  5. Rs 1000/- will be taken as security amount which will be refundable without interest at completion of loan tenure subject to rc with hp of the society is provided in two months of loan disbursal.
  6. The society will give sanction latter to borrower if he/she satisfy the terms and terms of the society. 
  7. The society will inform the borrower well in advance i.e. 15 days for any change in hypothecation charges, repayment schedule and taxes. 
  8. The borrower can approach to our loan officer for any grievances and disputes. if in any case our loan officer remains unable to solve the dispute, the borrower can contact the loan manager at above Uco bank Mandi no 1 , Abohar - 152116 
  9. After the repayment of all installments, the society will release all securities or documents of the borrower which it retain in lieu of the loan. 
  10. The borrower can transfer his account to another borrower provided He/She satisfy the terms and conditions of the society i.e. he has to provide all the necessary documents which was provided by the original borrower. a loan transfer fees rs 1500 will be applicable in this case which is to be paid bu the new borrower and the old borrower will stay guarantor in this case.
  11. In case of default in making the payment of installment for one month, the society can retain the hypothecated asset of the borrower. 

Sahyog Personal Loan

Sahyog Consumer Loan

Loan amount Minimum Rs. 5000/-
Maximum Rs. 50000/-
Tenure Minimum 6 Months
Maximum 12 Months
Eligibility Only daily earner or business man are eligible for this loan
Guarantor There shall be one guarantor for this loan account who shall be member of the society and should have deposit with society for 10% of the loan account.

1. Applicant should have the daily deposit account in the society.

2. Minimum amount of daily deposit shall be .02% of proposed loan.

Repayment Repayment of loan shall be on daily basis.
Rate of interest 16% flat p.a
Loan foreclosure No interest will be waived off if loan is pre closed
Penalty clause

1. In case applicant stop repayment in his daily deposit account after loan disbursed , then 10% of daily saving account will be charged as penalty.

2. At maturity of the loan tenure if all the dues / penalty / interest / principal is not paid those will attract interest @2% p.m. flat for each month or part there of

Sahyog Ladies Group Loan

Details Loan is Available against the deposit of Customer except deposit in DDS , Gullak & Saving Accounts.
Loan Amount Loan is Available for maximum of 80 % of Deposit Amount.
Tenure Maximum Tenure is same as equal to Tenure of Deposit.
Eligibility All the Depositor having deposit product except DDS , Gullak  , Saving Account.

While Taking Loans , The Original Deposit Certificates / copies shall be submitted to the Society

Repayment Repayment of Loan shall be on Monthly / Tenure Basis .
Rate of interest 16% flat p.a
Processing Fees No Processing Fees is charged in Loan Against Deposits